I am Ro (or Roro). I am Canadian – and my core being involves sugar, adventures, and yet more adventures. My husband Jon (or Jojo) is my partner-in-eating. I am a banker, he is an accountant; we are more interesting than what it says on paper. I am Chinese – he is Jewish. We have a Chewish Kitchen.

I have been making:

  • Disasters since I was 5;
  • Slightly more edible food since I was 19;
  • Edible food since I was 25, and;
  • Tastier food than the average person since as of late.

This story is my outlet to –

  1. Remember adventures past;
  2. Dream about adventures to come;
  3. Experiment in the kitchen without regrets;
  4. Become a more attuned photographer; and
  5. Use this creativity to get through some difficult days.

My recipes are a mix of adaptations and originals. I will share where I can, but with a full-time career and a hungry man to feed, my story will sometimes suffer. Believe me, if I could do this 24hours a day, I would. Enjoy / not enjoy my words, and find me on feedfeed (red bean feed) or Instagram if you want to connect.

♥ Ro

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