I am Ro. I am Canadian – and my core being involves sugar, adventures, and yet more adventures. My husband JH is my partner-in-eating. I am a banker, he is an accountant; we are more interesting than what it says on paper. I am Chinese – he is Jewish. We have a Chewish Kitchen.

I have been making:

  • Disasters since I was 5;
  • Slightly more edible food since I was 19;
  • Edible food since I was 25, and;
  • Tastier food than the average person since as of late.

This story is my outlet to –

  1. Remember adventures past;
  2. Dream about adventures to come;
  3. Experiment in the kitchen without regrets;
  4. Become a more attuned photographer; and
  5. Use this creativity to get through some difficult days.

My recipes are a mix of adaptations and originals. I will share where I can, but with a full-time career and a hungry man to feed, my story will sometimes suffer. Believe me, if I could do this 24hours a day, I would. Enjoy / not enjoy my words, and find me on feedfeed (red bean feed) or Instagram if you want to connect.

♥ Ro

One thought

  1. Hi there Ro, you have a wonderful blog here with beautiful photos, great recipes and inspiring travel stories! An then there is your voice openly and honestly sharing how you feel, on good days and bad. That takes courage. It’s so important that we learn more about the emotions that can be hiding just below the surface of a smile. Thank you for sharing your story.

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