Accepted Conversations…& Donuts.

This ‘conversation’ has been completely erased and revamped probably a hundred ten times after some maniacal frenzy in my head. I don’t know how other ‘conversationalists’ do it, but every six months, I look at this ‘conversation’, throw my hands up in the air and want to start over.

But the resolution this time around is that I will stop being so over analytical with this ‘conversation’; and, whatever comes out on paper and photograph will stick. I am not writing a revolutionary paper. This ‘paper’ will not change the world. But with every wordattempt at a creative picture, and shared story about my experimentation in the kitchen; travels with the s/o; and ‘trials & tribulations‘ with Toronto’s dining scene; maybe I will take one step towards making myself ‘better’, and then maybe I can translate that cathartic feeling into other actions that will attribute to positive change. So, for the hundredth tenth time, let’s re-start this journey.


  • Mood – Slightly irritated and tired, but generally ‘level’.
  • Focus – Food.
  • Craving – Chocolate brioche donuts. There is no childhood story, health reason, or grandeur explanation behind why I made these, and why I am writing about them. I just craved and wanted to make them.
  • Feedback from the husband – Nothing. He ate one quietly on the couch after complaining that they were probably cold and not as fresh because I had taken so long to photograph them.

The Not-So-Secret Secrets:


The Bouchon Bakery book is one of my tried-and-true recipe books. I stand by it. Every thing  I have made from this book has been a sheer joy to the visual eye (almost, if I don’t fmuck it up), hungry stomach, and aching soul. If you want the recipe, I highly advise you to follow the link and just buy the book, but the basic steps are below. You will not regret it at least for the fact that it helps you to build a good fundamental understanding of the basics behind French pastry and bread-making, among other fancy things.


Brioche Donut Recipe – adapted from Bouchon Bakery



3 ½ cups + 3 tbsp AP flour

Add the yeast to the warm milk, and allow the mixture to sit for five minutes until foamy.

1 tbsp instant yeast

Mix the dry ingredients together. Add the milk mixture, eggs, and vanilla. Mix on low until incorporated, scraping down the sides of the bowl as necessary (~20 min).

¼ cup + 2 tbsp granulated sugar

Slowly add the pieces butter and mix until completely incorporated, once again scraping down the sides of the bowl as necessary. (~5 min)

3-4 pinches salt

Release the dough to a lightly floured work surface. Pat the dough into smooth ball. Place it seam down into a lightly oiled bowl.

¾ cup + 1 ½ tbsp slightly warmed milk/cream

Let sit at room temperature for an hour.

¼ cup & 3 tbsp eggs

Repeat step four, and refrigerate overnight.

1 ½ tsp pure vanilla extract

Next day, roll dough out (not too thin). Using a 3 1/4-inch cutter, cut approx. 8 rounds, and then use a 1 ½ inch cutter to cut out holes in the centers. Place rounds on parchment paper squares.

55 g unsalted butter, at room temperature, cut into mini cubes

Cover and allow proofing at room temperature for around an hour.

Grapeseed oil for frying

Heat oil to 350 degrees and fry doughnuts for approx. 1 min. on each side.

Additional sugar to roll the fried donuts

Allow donuts to cool slightly before rolling in sugar, and subsequently glazing.

Adaptations & Additions:

  • Added a tsp each of cocoa, nutmeg and cinnamon to the dry mixture.
  • Replaced the milk with almond milk this time only because I did not have enough cream / milk in the house. The resulting effect was that the texture was a little bit more dense than fluffy. I caveat however that this could be a result of other factors such as over-working the dough, over-frying the donuts or the addition of the cocoa. You never know the science until you keep trying over and over again. For first-timers, just stick to his original recipe.
  • Note: Do not overheat the milk, as hot milk can kill the yeast.
  • I garnished the donuts with two types of glaze – white chocolate and mirror chocolate (recipes below), chocolate pearls for the latter, and crushed pistachios for the former.



White Chocolate Glaze



16 ounces white chocolate

Place ingredients in heatproof bowl over simmering water until melted.

½ cup cream

Stir until smooth.

1 teaspoon light corn syrup

Allow to cool for approximately 10 minutes.



Chocolate Mirror Glaze (makes a big batch) – Adapted from here



350 g dark chocolate, coarsely chopped

Bloom the gelatin sheets in cold water for five minutes.

100 g cocoa

Heat the sugar, corn syrup, cocoa, condensed milk, and water until it is just simmering. Add the bloomed.

200 g water

Pour the hot liquid over the dark chocolate.

300 g sugar

Let the mixture sit for a few minutes, then stir until everything has melted.

200 g condensed milk

Use an immersion blender on the mixture until it is smooth.

1 tbsp pure vanilla extract

Pour the mixture into a sieve to remove any remaining particles.

1 ½ sheets gelatin

Let the mixture cool until it is just lukewarm, but has not solidified.

1 tsp light corn syrup

Dip your donuts.


Author: Roro

Home baker. Sugar obsessed. Casual traveller. Fighting a fight. All photography and content are copyrighted by Roro @thechewishkitchen unless otherwise stated and referenced, and cannot be used without permission.

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